Key Features

1.Portable Double-M design with ducted propellers

2.Manual or autopilot ,switchover at any time

3.Professional sounding module range up to 300m

4.Auto-return while low battery or dropped signal

Detail Advantage Functions

1 Hull module

1)Portable Double-M design with ultra shallow draft

2)Kevlar&carbon high-strength composite

3)Propellers with ducted design and protective shield

4)High endurance with extendable battery

2 Sounding module

1)Professional HD-MAX sounding module range from 0.15~300m

2)Digital and simulative echo signals combined

3)Independent HiMAX software available for collecting,guiding and post-processing

3 Application

1)Underwater topographic survey

2)Underwater landscape survey

3)Hydrographic survey

4)Water quality monitoring