Hi-Target iBeam 8120 multibeam echosounder system has an excellent operation performance in shallow water with a working range of 0.5m to 300m. With its real-time ±10° roll stabilization to maximize usable swath, it can effectively increase the swath coverage width, guarantee seamless swath coverage and boost the working efficiency.









Key Features
•       High-resolution and high-precision shallow water multi-beam echo sounder system
•       Compact design, easy to install, suitable small vessels
•      ±10° Roll stabilization, maximize the usable swath.
•       Support side scan backscatter
•       Up to 60Hz ping rate, higher ping rate allows higher vessel speed,boosting job efficiency.
•       User defined beam density, up to 512 beams which capable of getting your work done
•       Exceeds IHO Special Order and USACE
•       Independent R&D acquisition and post-processing software SATLAB Hydro MBE
•       Support third party bathymetry processing software: Hypack