Key features
1) Advanced GNSS engines
3) Tilt sensor and electronic bubble integrated
4) NFC and WiFi functionality
Detail advantage functions
1 Multi-constellation Tracking
1) 555 tracking channel(optional)
2) NGS approved full-wave GNSS antenna
4) Supports a wide range of satellite signals
5) A large receiving area designed for multipath mitigation
6) Air dielectric is light and stable
2 Smart Application
1) Offers tilt survey with a maximum tilt angle of 30 degrees
2) Supports electronic bubble
3) Intelligent voice assistance guides field operation.Voice can be DIY
4) Standard Rinex data and HI-TARGET raw data recorded simultaneously
3 Optional Transceiver UHF Radio
1) The transceiver UHF radio enables switchable working modes between base and rover 
2) Three types of internal UHF radio provide different frequencies based on users requirements.The SATEL internal UHF radio is compatible with other radios
4 Multi-network Connection
1) Supports GPRS,GSM and WCDMA
2) Supports WIFI
5 Powerful Battery
1) Powered by high-capacity (5000mAh)Li-ion battery to ensure full day operation
6 Rugged Design
1) IP67 dustproof and waterproof 
2) Able to survive 3-meter natural fall onto concrete