Hi-Target 2018 December Webinar -- Hydrographic Survey and Digging out More from Hi-Target Products
Hydrographic survey is a little far away from our traditional land survey field yet a very important role in modern construction and engineering. Getting a better understanding about hydrographic survey and Hi-Target products is necessary to expand our market 
and knowledge as well.
In this Webinar, we will cover: 
1. Basic Knowledge of Hydrographic Survey
    — What the users want, how they work and why they think in that way. 
2. Dig out more — FAQ of HD-MAX&HD-Lite 
3. Dig out more — FAQ of iBoat USV
Presenter: Adin Li 
Former technician and now a product manager for Hydrographic survey solution, would like to share his knowledge about hydrographic survey solution, helping our partners to have a better understanding about Hydrographic survey and Hi-Target products, HD-MAX, HD-Lite and iBoat USV.
Thursday, Dec 6th, 2018 
4.00 - 5.00 p.m. CST