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Built-in IMU GNSS Receiver
By Adin Li,
Marketing Department of Hi-Target International

A project in Aksu, Xinjiang, China, an important agricultural base is facing many challenges: uncertain efficiency of total station, limited budget and time, lower reliability of normal GNSS RTK receiver and safety problems, etc.
The best solution -- Hi-Target new iRTK5, with a built-in IMU, can provide 2 cm accuracy within 30-degree tilt, while there is no need for calibration at all. Thus, by using the new iRTK5, surveyors can go and pick without leveling the pole every time surveying points, no matter it is in a plane region, or a complicated area where a man cannot access directly, the real coordination can be measured swiftly.

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Hi-Target Launched Hi-RTP Industrial Cooperation at the 10th China Satellite Navigation Conference in Beijing...

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The new iRTK5 comes! It is integrated with high-performance IMU, making the tilt survey work much easier and practical.

Introducing the new iRTK5
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