Li Changchun Praised Hi-target “Successful”



Recently, in order to implement the spirit of the sixth plenary session of the seventeenth central committee to accelerate cultural reform and development and the transformation of the mode of economic development, China's Politburo Standing Committee Member Li Changchun had the on the spot investigation in Guangzhou Panyu Tian’an Technology Zone accompanied by Member of the Political Bureau of CPC Central Committee & Secretary of CPC Guangdong Committee Wang Yang.


As the representative of the listed enterprise in Technology Zone, Hi-target President Liao Dinghai reported Li Changchun about Hi-target’s main business status and technology applications. President Liao Dinghai said Hi-target’s products had 34% share in the domestic market and it would expand export business to achieve a fivefold increase in the performance of overseas markets.


After hearing of President Liao Dinghai’s report, Li Changchun praised Hi-target “very good and successful”.


The goal of Technology Zone in the next five years is to foster more than 20 listed enterprises of mid-sized and support enterprises to become bigger and stronger. With more than 3000 square meters of independent property office buildings, Hi-target was successfully listed in the market on Feb.15th, 2011 and the amount of its annual turnover went to 300 million yuan. Li Changchun spoke highly of Hi-target to make a dream come true.


Liao Dinghai expressed that Hi-target was encouraged under the national leaders’ concern and attention. As a result, Hi-target would have the confidence to strive for being stronger and bigger to take on more responsibilities for society.


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