OTT Company's President Visited Hi-target



Vice president Martin visited Hi-target in March 30th. In the meeting, president Martin had a talk with Liao Dinghai, president of Hi-target, and signed the agreement of brand agency of OTT.


Martin visited Hi-target’s Research and Development Center in the company of Hi-target’s Chief engineer Bao Zhixiong and the general manager of Li Hongjiang. Martin thought highly of Hi-target’s accomplishments and both parties had a great confidence in establishing a deep partnership.


HACH established in the year of 1947 and it is the global leading provider of water quality analysis solutions. In the year of 1999, HACH Company joined American Danaher Group whose global sales had reached 12 billion in 2008. As the provider of water quality analysis solutions, HACH Company has become the most powerful brand of Danaher Group.


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