Hi-Target Announce the Release of its New GNSS RTK – V90 Plus


Hi-Target, a professional high-precision geographic instrument and solution provider announced recently the launch of V90 Plus, its next-generation GNSS RTK. With a hi-tech, fully integrated design, the conveniently sized V90Plus is one of the most flexible choices for any measuring task.


This new V90 Plus with the advance Trimble BD970 OEM delivers centimeter accuracy to a variety of application. Its self-developed full wave RTK antennas based on air dielectric technology supports whole constellation, and make it much more stable and lighter.


Furthermore, the built-in Linux operating system, pre-loaded multiple smart applications such as tilt surveying, electronic bubble calibration, NFC and voice DIY,V90Plus GNSS system enable the surveyor work more convenient.


“The V90 Plus GNSS system provides surveyor an industry-leading GNSS solution with the improvements of accuracy and stability. Especially our self-developed antenna, based on air dielectric technology, is designed for multipath mitigation. It is not only lighter than traditional RTK antennas, but also effectively avoids the instability of ceramic dielectric antenna. Every detail of our V90 Plus is optimized to improve the performance.” said by Stefan, the Hi-Target Overseas Technical Manager.


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