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    April 10 2015, Hi-Target raised funds of 508 million in non-public offering of stock, which would be used in high-end marine equipment project, mechanical precision control system project, production expansion project of spatial information data collecting equipment and industrialization project of core parts in high-precision  satellite navigation field.

  • 9

    April 17 2015, Hi-Target announced to invest 100 million RMB to set up Hi-Target Investment and Development Co. Ltd, and created M&A funds with total amount of 600 million RMB to buy some potential companies that had the same development strategy as Hi-Target. 

  • 8

    In November 2015, Guangzhou BIXUN Electronic Technology Co. Ltd, a subsidiary of Hi-Target, had successful R&D on Beidou high-precision satellite navigation board card which was Hi-Target’s intellectual property. In the earlier testing phase of some products, the key technology indicators had reached international standard.

  • 7

    In May 2015, Hi-Target launched a campaign in China that customers could use old total station for a new one in order to popularize non-prism total station. Customers could use old total station of any brand or any type to get a new one as long as customers paid only extra 4999 RMB. 

  • 6

    In October 2015, Hi-Target acquired a Swedish surveying equipment company Geosolution Holding AB,which was a crucial step for overseas expansion. Hi-Target would expand international market of data collecting equipment by cooperation on technology and products.

  • 5

    November 4, 2015, Hi-Target announced that it acquired Tianjing TENGYUNZHIHANG company to expand its UAV product line, and would gradually launch UAV series, making UAV its new profit growth point.

  • 4

    In the second half of 2015, Hi-Target launched over 10 products at one time, ranging from surveying, marine products to 3D laser products, which included super small network RTK, total station with color screen, GIS products, the second generation terrestrial three-dimensional laser scanner, ARS-UP high-precision air panoramic system, wearable positioning system, etc. 

  • 3

    In November 2015, Hi-Target Satellite Positioning and Space Intellisense Academician Workstation was co-founded by Hi-Target and Liu Xianlin, the academician of CAE. This is the first academician workstation in surveying and mapping field.

  • 2

    November 5, 2015, HAIDASHUYUN, a subsidiary of Hi-Target won the first place of Deloitte Hi-tech Hi-growth China Top 50 with the growth rate of 7100% in 3 consecutive years. Besides, Hi-Target was on the list of Best Chinese Listed Companies 2015, and was rated as Guangdong top 500 Companies. He Jinrong, the secretary of vice president and board of director, won the 11th New Fortune Golden Secretary Prize.

  • 1

    In February 2015, the chairman of board Liao Dinghai, CEO Xu Feng and the director at that time Li Zhongqiu invested 10 million RMB to set up Hi-Target Charitable Funds, aiming to subsidize the employees who were experiencing financial dilemma because of accident, illness, etc.